Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How I use the Internet

Ok, let’s begin.

I use the Internet always for everything like: download some songs or movies. Sometimes I have nothing to do so I play some games online. I forget to say that I open some music before connection with Enter net, let me tell you something about my favored song if you want to send songs to me I listen to English artist .Sorry I know I should talk about the Internet not my favorites things. Sorry again. I love the Internet .I think it is my savior from boredom rooted in my life. Before the Internet, I did not do except listen to music on a computer or radio. And now I have a lot of things to do. As I tolCheck Spellingd you before I talk with my friends in messenger or watch series online. Also, I can listen to music online too. So the Internet is an integral part of my life.I know you know how to connect to the Internet, So let me tell you the most things we should have to connect :

Firstly: we should have a computer (I know if we don’t have a computer we cannot connect but some people don’t know).
Secondly: we should have a modem.
Thirdly: we must have Service Providers.
Fourthly: we should have a Web browser (you can see now why Web browser is very necessary).

My favorites websites are :



  1. I think you will be my friend..

  2. i think you very rich do all this in Internet

  3. Hi Omnya,
    Nice blog and excellent work!
    I would like you to link your favorite websites into the post itself. Do you get I am saying? We will learn how to link next week. So, you couldn't do that, we will do it together in the lab.
    Keep up the good work!
    Teacher Hala