Thursday, December 31, 2009

A day to remember in my life...

A day to remember in my life .Ok ,I will tell you about my best day .I remember that day like is was today .Over on that day ammmm about tow years yeah two year exactly .Ok ,lets begin before change my mind.
The day that I will tell you about it is my last day in high school , it was the last test for me of the examinations qualifying for university entrance .That day was the happiest day in my life and the most miserable .Because I will be away from my friends. I was so sad not only me all of us .We could not stop ourselves from enjoying the day .Maybe because we wanted to be the last day with us an unforgettable.
Before went out we asked permission to spend the whole day out .of course we already planning for the day .So we took our close with us to school to do exam and went out ,after finished exam we took the bus to my friend home to take a rest and get ready for go out .We took five hours in my friend home .we spend that hours by playing card , watch move and sleeping . After that we prepared to exit. We close the house well and got out. We went by bus to the place of the camera to take a picture of the memory. Then we went to the restaurant for lunch or dinner, because the time was late for lunch .After having lunch we went to park to spend the rest of the evening.
We play all the game in the park and sit to talk about us .The day end fast as we did not feel it .Then came the Father to bring us back to the house. The moment of farewell, the moment that I did not think one day it will come.
The hardest thing is leaving the people that's Close to my heart .I will remember that day and I will love them forever.That all I have it's not just a member it's part of my heart.


  1. Hi Omnya,
    What a day!
    It's for sure a day that you will never ever forget. I hope you met those friends again and that you still in touch with them.
    Well done!
    Teacher Hala

  2. Beautiful image!
    I love it!
    Teacher Hala