Sunday, December 6, 2009

How I spend your Eid?

Hello everyone Happy Eid I want to Tell you about my Eid and how I spend it. I don't Really know where can I start from ,but OK I will start from the last day . I was in university OK,lets begin: The last day in university was so tried for me . but I was so happy we got have a vacation , not only me , everyone in the country was happy because the Eid .I came back to home at 8 o'clock because there was no transport,I found my mother and my aunt bread biscuits and cakes and my father bring the sheep,I changed my close and go to help them.My father took me and my sister to the market to buy close for Eid we came back at 11 o'clock.I made the dinner . we slept at 12 o'clock and wake up early in the next day,In the next day me and my sister cleaned the home and we finished at 7 o'clock ,After finished cleaned home I go to computer and chat with my friends until 10 o'clock then I went to sleep. Yeah it is the first day in Eid , I was waiting impatiently for this day. We went to the Eid prayer and promised to begin the preparation of meat for breakfast as we are used to , the first day breakfast in our house, and lunch in the house of my aunt, I mean we Distributors days between us (our family). In the evening the second day of Eid, we went to a neighbors wedding , those was a neighbors for a long time when I am little girl, was an amazing evening we talked about my childhood days and how I'm in misery. In the evening the next day we have two weddings (Ours and neighbors) in the first wedding we went to our neighbors and then to my family Wedding. the Day ended and we returned to the University and boring lectures , do not get that I am mis complained of the university but the vacation you was beautiful. No more. I told you how I spent the Eid. Of course, there are lots of things that did not mention it those things for me, I do not mean that you are untrusted Person . you can Imagine the Rest of topic by your left.


  1. Hi Omnya,
    I am glad you enjoyed your eid. It always brings great moments to remember in the future, especially with our families and friends. When you graduate, you will miss those "boring" lectures and study times!!! Live the life of a student and enjoy ALL the moments accompanied. You will miss them, believe me!
    Remind me to help you making slight modifications to the post.
    Well done!
    Teacher Hala

  2. Thank you your words made me happy. I was worried not undermine you like, but now is confident that it's cool
    Thanks again :)