Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Bank of the Nile in 1960

Hello ....
I know this picture is very beautiful .It speaks about some of the national history I think you want to know what this picture tells you.
Ok, I will tell you about it, In this picture there is city of Omdurman on the east coast in 1960.
The picture shows that the sun is shining. the sun is shining always in Omdurman in April, but there may be changes in the weather in the coming years. The weather is very hot, believe me, especially in mid-day. On the left side of the board you can see that there are two men seemed to cut off a piece of wood I think they are finished now and here go on this board 50 years. we may also see a man carrying the water in the cans I think that he take it to his home or place where they need water, this is what I think is because I did not exist at that time:-)

We can see the dealer came to the coast, he came to make sure the shipment of certain packet on barges for transport to the coast and on the other hand, it seems that he came by car and the driver has opened the door for him. He will return after end of work to his shop, but had not been installed in his car.
You can also see an aeroplane flying in the sky and apparently it will not come down here. We can see boats, which carry the packet from and to Tutti Island. It lies in the middle between Khartoum, Bahri and Omdurman. It was not finished all the cargo so it did not sail . After sailing they cross under the bridge, for The Big Boat the bridge is lifted in order to pass underneath it .Now there are no boats to carry packet there. There is another way to carry the packet, a car following the construction of the bridge Tours , the boats become used for tourism.
This picture made me looking forward to visit this place. This place is one of the most beautiful areas in Khartoum, I think you are excited like me. I wish if I could visit it with my family because it's makes you feel deeply human relations with nature and the warmth of nature. This is a family relationships, whether I was wrong, it is nothing greater than relations Of family interrelated??

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